Black Mulch
Brown Mulch
Red Mulch
Every gardener and landscaper knows the importance of mulch. Beyond its aesthetic values, mulch adds nutrients to the soil, helps to retain soil moisture, suppress the growth of weeds, prevent soil erosion, and regulate the temperature of the soil. It is typically applied to the surface of the soil in gardens, flower beds, walkways, and around the base of trees. Gettysburg Landscape Yard offers mulch in a variety of natural colors, a premium dark hardwood mulch that is a 50/50 mix.

Mulch Rates

Description Prices Per Cubic Yard Prices Per ½ Yard
Colored Mulch:
(Black, Brown, Red)
$36.00 $19.00
Premium Dark Hardwood Mulch $30.00 $15.00
Pine Bark Mulch $50.00 $25.00
Playground Mulch $35.00 $17.00

Mulch Use Estimator

Cubic Yards of Mulch Required to Cover 1,000 Square Feet
0.25 inch layer – Approximately 0.75 cubic yards 0.5 inch layer – Approximately 1.5 cubic yards
1 inch layer – Approximately 3.0 cubic yards 1.5 inch layer – Approximately 4.5 cubic yards
2 inch layer – Approximately 6.0 cubic yards 2.5 inch layer – Approximately 7.5 cubic yards
3 inch layer – Approximately 9.0 cubic yards 3.5 inch layer – Approximately 10.5 cubic yards
Calculate how many cubic yards of mulch are required to cover a specific area. Enter your own coverage area and depth information into the calculator, below.
Area (square feet): Depth (inches): Mulch Required: