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Topsoil is the lifeblood of every successful lawn and garden. As the name implies, topsoil is the uppermost natural layer of soil. It has the highest concentration of organic matter and microorganisms that are essential to plant growth and healthy root structure. At Gettysburg Landscape Yard, our topsoil is a high quality locally sourced screened loam. Our Garden Mix is a 50/50 blend of screened loam and mushroom soil that your garden will love!

Topsoil Rates

Description Prices Per Cubic Yard Prices Per ½ Yard
Mushroom Soil $27.00 $14.00
Screened Topsoil $50.00 $25.00
Garden Mix $55.00 $28.00
Straw Bales $8.00
Railroad Ties $28.00

Topsoil Use Estimator

Cubic Yards of Topsoil Required to Cover 1,000 Square Feet
0.25 inch layer – Approximately 0.75 cubic yards 0.5 inch layer – Approximately 1.5 cubic yards
1 inch layer – Approximately 3.0 cubic yards 1.5 inch layer – Approximately 4.5 cubic yards
2 inch layer – Approximately 6.0 cubic yards 2.5 inch layer – Approximately 7.5 cubic yards
3 inch layer – Approximately 9.0 cubic yards 3.5 inch layer – Approximately 10.5 cubic yards
Calculate how many cubic yards of topsoil are required to cover a specific area. Enter your own coverage area and depth information into the calculator, below.
Area (square feet): Depth (inches): Topsoil Required: